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  • Shadowstar was the first leader I believe, then Cedarstar, then Raggedstar, then Brokenstar, then Tigerstar, and finally Blackstar.

    Blood Clan does not count as the 7th clan, for it is only a rogue clan, not a forest clan.

    Plus, Sunstar was leader before Bluestar, and after Owlstar. (The second leader, not the other Owlstar)

  • First of all, ShadowClan's first leader ever shown in the books was Cedarstar. Second of all, its Raggedstar not Ruggedstar! And third of all, SUNSTAR was the leader before Bluestar. Learn your facts before you make a quiz. Gosh.

  • What the heck is the 7th clan? There is only Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan,Riverclan, Skyclan, and Starclan

  • No offense but you had some MAJOR mousebrained moments.

    A LOT of these questions were inacurate

  • pretty good, but you got question fourteen wrong, Sunstar was leader before Bluestar.


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