How well do you know Up?

Up is a Disney Pixar movie in which a man wants to be free and move to his wife's house of her drrams. However, he ends up at a famous explorer's house.

Do you know Up? Have you watched the movie and are ready to recite all the lines? You wondered this whole time. But after you takr this wuiz, you can find out all you can about your knowledge.

Created by: du99999

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  1. What is Carl's job?
  2. How did Carl fly away?
  3. Who is the boy who ended up on Carl's front porch?
  4. Where was Carl going?
  5. How old is Russell?
  6. How old is Carl?
  7. Who did Russell and Carl meet?
  8. Did Carl retire?
  9. What happened at the end?
  10. Final Question: Did Carl have any kids?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Up?