How Well Do You Know Twilight?

DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR TWILIGHT FACTS? Well prove it by taking THE TEST. This test will bring some questions from THE MOVIE and show you if you really DO know your Twilight facts.

You probably think it's EASY, but really it's not. The test has some trick questions in it and some are a little harder to do. Those questions will need more BRAIN POWER then others and MORE TIME.

Created by: Kelsey

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  1. What is Edward's older brother's name?
  2. Why is Edward so furious with Bella at first?
  3. What is James?
  4. Who is James' soulmate?
  5. What happens in the Ballet Studio?
  6. What was Edward's Family's Names?
  8. How many parents does Bella have and what are their names?
  9. About how old are Bella and Edward?
  10. What do everyone at the end of the movie?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight?