How well do you know total drama Gwen?

Hey welcome! This is a quiz to test how well you think you know Gwen from Total Drama! I wish you the very best of luck and may the best Gwen Fans get a high score :))

Not to worry if you get a low score though, you probably just focus most of your attention on a different contestant. Anyways I hope you enjoy this quiz i made for all you Total Drama Fans. Have fun :]

Created by: astrid
  1. What is Gwen's fav color?
  2. What fear does Gwen have?
  3. What is Gwen allergic to?
  4. When is Gwen's birthday?
  5. What instrument does Gwen play?
  6. What was Gwen Fascinated with in the 6th grade?
  7. Which animal is Gwen's fav?
  8. Who did Gwen go back to TDAS for?
  9. How many friends does Gwen have back at home?
  10. How is Gwen often described as?
  11. Who does Gwen hate most on the show?
  12. Why does Gwen want to win the million dollar reward?
  13. What animal does Gwen own?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know total drama Gwen?