How well do you know Thomas swag?

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Many people know basic stuff about me others don't. Lets see how good you know me (Thomas Swag) by taking this quiz! Now let's fill in the character requirement! DONE!

Do you know Thomas swag? DO YA?! Well take this quiz to find out! And when you're done he sure to rate and comment and check out my other quizzes!

Created by: Thomas Swag

  1. Hello there! First question :p Where do I live?
  2. What year was I born in?
  3. Where do I work? (3 places)
  4. Siblings?
  5. What is my girlfriends name?
  6. What are my parents names?
  7. What sport do I do?
  8. Where haven't I lived?
  9. What's my addiction?
  10. What kind of student am I?
  11. What pets do I have?
  12. FAVORITE TIME!!! Favorite... Color
  13. Music artist
  14. Band
  15. Food
  16. Drink
  17. Clothes store/brand
  18. TV show
  19. Movie
  20. TRUE/FALSE TIME! T/F: I speak Spanish
  21. I can drive
  22. I was on American idol 2012
  23. I am the loving type of person
  24. I want to live somewhere with lots of snow and isolation
  25. I have a kid
  26. I once got stuck in a vending machine
  27. I do drugs
  28. I've peed on someone before
  29. I have braces
  30. PERSONAL TRAIT QUESTIONS: 50:50 chance Hair color?
  31. Height
  32. Race
  33. Chubby or skinny
  34. Well looks like we're done! Final question! Do I believe in yolo?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Thomas swag?