How Well Do You Know The WINX!

hey guys! try this quiz out! it's about how well do you know about rhe winx club! your knowledge about winx club wil grow more if you take this quiz! it's really enjoyble and please add a comment in the end!

are you a winx club super fan? if so then take this quiz and find out that how much do you know about winx club and their coming seasons! if you score high, then you're a winx super fan! but if not then still you can do it!

Created by: Mahrukh

  1. what is bloom's REAL home's name?
  2. who destroyed sparks?
  3. where did stella came from?
  4. layla is the fairy of what?
  5. who is the pixie which deliver messages but forgets them?
  6. who is the last girl from earth?
  7. what was winx club's movie name?
  8. what was winx club's transformation in season 2?
  9. what was winx club's transformation in season 3?
  10. what is winx club's transformation in season 4?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The WINX!