How Well Do You Know The Typical Standard Japanese?

Not many people can speak Japanese, Otaku's Know a few words. Do you? Think you got what it takes? Well put your mind up to the test and see if you get them right!

Let's find out if you do know! Please comment and rate as a token of gratitude for Anime everywhere! We appreciate it with love and responsibility. We take actions for everything.

Created by: TheAnimePeople
  1. What Does 'Cute' Mean?
  2. How do you say 'Hello'?
  3. 'Hello How are You?' What would you say back?
  4. How do you say 'Banana'?
  5. What do you call their formal wear? Whats it called?
  6. How do you say 'Yes'?
  7. It's 'Summer' Time! What's 'Summer' Mean?
  8. 'Thank You'.
  9. This is my 'Friend'. What's 'Friend' Called?
  10. I like 'English' Music. How Do we say 'English?'
  11. 'You're Welcome' Sir. How do you say it?
  12. Last question, What country speaks Japanese?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Typical Standard Japanese?