How well do you know the star wars planets

Do you think you are a star wars geek, do you know everything there's to know about it well this quiz might be easy or extremely difficult!!! but its the truth

if you want to know what level of geek you are take this quiz and find out. sorry if you don't like the results but its life!!! and if you fail who cares just don't tell anybody about it.

Created by: eu de noob
  1. what planet do Anakin and obi-wan face of in
  2. in which episode does luke find out his father is darth vader
  3. what planet is the last battle held on in star wars rouge one
  4. how many lightsaber colors are there
  5. who did obi-wan and yoda mean when they said there is another(another person who could be a jedi)
  6. what is the mystical power flowing through out the univeverse
  7. what is the first episode called
  8. this won't effect the quiz but which is your favorite episode
  9. what is the rarest color lightsaber in episodes one through six
  10. what was the name of the main character in rouge one.
  11. what is the name of episode eight

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the star wars planets