How well do you know the Sith?

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Millions, if not billions of people throughout the Universe have watched Star Wars movies, read the comic books, or watched the cartoon series, but not many know much about the elusive Sith order. Only those that really pay attention, are truly SW nerds, can uncover the mystery of the Sith.

Are you an Unofficial Star Wars Sith Scholar? Have you gone through Star Wars media, obtained the knowledge, payed enough attention to hold this all powerful rank? Find out when you take this quiz!

Created by: NonViolentJediWarrior
  1. Who are the Sith? (For picky Nerds I mean after the 100 year Darkness)
  2. What event led to the founding the Sith order
  3. The key for a force adept to use the dark side is...
  4. After the 100 year darkness, what planet did the dark Jedi land on?
  5. Which character allowed the Sith to control the Republic?
  6. Whose regime oversaw the Golden Age of the Sith Empire?
  7. Who was the first to use a double lightsaber?
  8. How many Sith Lords are there at any given time according to the current doctrine written by Darth Bane?
  9. What does Sith mean in Gaelic?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Sith?