How well do you know the Simpsons?

Hey thur Girly!! There are many people that watch the simpsons-its what has keptt them on the air for almost 30 years. Find out with this quiz if youre devoted or not!

Are you one of the few who TRULY know the Simpsons? Well I hope so because if youre not, well, you suck. just kidding:) Enjoy my quiz please! One thing before you start, PLEEEEEZ DO NOT LOOK UP THE ANSWERS! I WILL KNOW!

Created by: DanyGirl

  1. What important persons' carriage did Homer once tip over?
  2. What letters are made by Homers' hair and ear?
  3. What designer made the pink and black suit/skirt that got Marge into the country club?
  4. In the Simpsons movie, what blocks Barts 'private area' while he is stuck to the window?
  5. In the Simpsons movie, what was Homer carrying on his back while Bart shot him with a BB gun?
  6. True or False? Maggies first word at the end of the Simpsons movie was 'Mamma'.
  7. Free answer! What color is Marges hair?
  8. What is Homers mothers name?
  9. What is the name of Homers "Vegas wife"?
  10. What was the name of the show that the main Simpson family very first appeared on?
  11. What was Marges mothers name?
  12. What was Marges fathers profession in the episode that she got therapy?
  13. What is Barts famous catchphrase?
  14. What does Homers middle initial "J." stand for?
  15. Rarely is it mentioned: What is Barts middle name? -betcha cant get this one;)-
  16. What catchphrase of the Simpsons was entered into the Oxford English Dictionary?
  17. Put the first one or get it wrong! Good quiz?
  18. put the first one or get it wrong

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Simpsons?