How Well Do You Know the Sammy Keyes Books? ( No spoilers)

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Hi guys! This is just a pretty simple quiz to determine how well you know the Sammy Keyes series. I tried to make it easy to hard. Just click which answers you think are right!

I hope you guys like the quiz! There are no spoilers and the Quiz questions only goes up to The Power of Justice Jack. If it is farther than forgive me.

Created by: TheQuibler
  1. What kind of shoes does Sammy wear?
  2. What grade is Sammy in?
  3. What is Sammy's best friend's name?
  4. What school does Sammy go to?
  5. What is her school's mascot?
  6. Who is Heather Acosta?
  7. What is Heather's hair color?
  8. Who is Heather's brother?
  9. What did Sammy dress up as when she went to Heather's Halloween party?
  10. In "The Runaway Elf" what was the name of the dog Sammy was supposed to show on the Canine Calendar float?
  11. What is the name of Sammy's cat?
  12. Who said, " Here come sister snot and the snidettes"
  13. Who calls Sammy, " Sammy Kiesta"
  14. Does Officer Boarsh like or dislike Sammy when he meets her?
  15. What does Sammy sometimes call Debra?
  16. What is Dot's real name?
  17. What is Casey's favorite song?
  18. Who is Mr. Vince?
  19. What did Sammy's mom call herself in " The Hollywood Mummy"?
  20. What is Heather's mom's name?
  21. What Happened to Sammy's Grandfather?
  22. In "The Skeleton Man", what did Marissa dress up as?
  23. Who is Sammy's Mom in The Lords of Willow Heights?
  24. What is Sammy's middle name?
  25. Who is Sammy's "Favorite Old Guy?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Sammy Keyes Books? ( No spoilers)