How well do you know the Percy Jackson series?

This quiz will test your knowledge about the Percy Jackson series. Some questions will be very easy and some may be harder. Thanks for taking this and good luck!

Do you REALLY know about Percy Jackson? Have you just skimmed the book or really paid attention to little details like Gabe's last name or why he was even there? Find out here!!!

Created by: Kyla
  1. What were Annabeth's first words to Percy.
  2. What is Nico's secret?
  3. What color are Camp half-blood's shirts?
  4. Who does Rachel Elizabeth Dare become (at the end)?
  5. Who is the god(dess) of revenge?
  6. Why did Percy's mom put up with Gabe.
  7. What happens when you look into Medusa's eyes?
  8. Who was in Medusa's shop.
  9. Who was Poseidon;'s wife?
  10. What school for "troubled kids" is Percy at originally?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Percy Jackson series?