How well do you know the nuts?

How well do you know the nuts? If you are a TRUE nut you should have no problems with this test. If you are not a true nut, then you better brush up on your nuttiness!

If you need to go back to nut school, please see rock for a sceduale of when classes will be held. There are normally classes 4 times a year. Cost is $3,000 000, 000, 0000 in RW money.

Created by: amazon of Goddess Cathrine
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  1. What does 7 mean to Rikkig?
  2. How many times a week does Wic run her fingers through Figs hair?
  3. In the No Mercy Dictionary, how is regading spelt?
  4. Who is Rock?
  5. Should another "I Love No Mercy" thread be started?
  6. Which is best? Twigginess or whole treeness.
  7. Doesn't No Mercy have a life? What is with all these stoopid tests?
  8. Is this the last question?
  9. I am a nut. true or false?
  10. OMG have you not done 10 questions yet?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the nuts?