beefy cheese nuts

you suck major nuts, hence the name of this quiz. you really suck. i like cheese cake..thats some good stuff i mean it's not really cheese and it's not really's more like pie! weird! ne ways i like cheese and cheese cake. this absolutely has nothing to do with the quiz. your tarded if your reading this whole thing!

Are YOU A dumbass i think so! you make me seem like the smartest person in the world! if you wanna get out alive, run for your life. well thats really just a song im listening to. it's called get out alive by three days grace. its a really good song you should listen to it sometime. really it's great!

Created by: tasha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like cheese?
  2. do consider your family odd?
  3. on a scale from 1-10 how hard do you want it
  4. do you think kiefer is attractive?
  5. if you could kill someone wat steriotype would they be?
  6. do you like video games?
  7. what color is your pee?
  8. what is the color of your eye brow?
  9. are you laughing at me?
  10. boobs?

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