How well do you know The Next Step (Season 1-7)

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Hey My name is Hannah. I did this quiz on my way back from school so don’t mind the spelling errors, grammar or punctuation. Hope you liek this quiz

And btw I’m the biggest TNS there is and I’ve aced every test I’ve done about them so don’t think your better. The peeps said taht this has to be longer so here it is

Created by: Hannah

  1. Who was the studio head in Season 1?
  2. What is Emily the leader of
  3. What is Riley’s real name
  4. Who is Riley dating??
  5. Who is head choreographer in Season 2?
  6. What is Michelle’s real name?
  7. Who is the most ultimate couple of TNS?
  8. Which couple breaks up practically all the time in Season 7?
  9. Did TNS win regionals in Season 4?
  10. What is Kingston’s real name
  11. What is James real last name?
  12. Which character is Lucien’s real son?
  13. Who’s is the studio owner in Season 7?
  14. Who is Miss Angela’s daughter in TNS
  15. What is Giselle’s last name on TNS?
  16. Which couple got shipped the hardest but never happened?
  17. What did Kingston ride on while coming into the studio?
  18. Why did Michelle leave TNS?
  19. Finish the phrase: ‘Jacquie has a ——- shoe
  20. Do you want TNS to have Season 8
  21. True or False? Amanda left A-troupe after regionals in Season 4
  22. True or false? Jacquie fell in love with Henry again when she saw him.
  23. True or false? Lola and Kingston got married
  24. True or false? Michelle passed out during a dance in Season 4
  25. True or false? Bharatanatyam dancing was featured on TNS
  26. Where is did Riley lose Emily’s necklace
  27. How times has Michelle won Miss National Sololist
  28. What is Nick’s real name and does he know how to dance?
  29. Who’s the oldest dancer
  30. Who’s older
  31. Last question! Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Next Step (Season 1-7)