How well do you know me? (Redo)

My last Do you know me quiz was before a lot of changes. So much has happened since I made that quiz. So, I made a new on. Because people change. I know I have.

So take this to see how much you know me now. Maybe you know me more than you did. Maybe less. As always, excuse my grammar and spelling errors.......

Created by: SugerCube
  1. What's my favorite candy? (This should be easy. If you've ever talked to me, you would know)
  2. What's my favorite anime?
  3. What are my two favorite colors?
  4. What is my favorite food, on a rainy day?
  5. What's my favorite fruit?
  6. What school level am I in?
  7. What kind of climate is my preference?
  8. What is the first name of my best friend? How long have I known her?
  9. What(in order) are my siblings names?
  10. What food can I not stand, at all?
  11. What's my favorite animal?
  12. What sport am I in?
  13. Where do I work?
  14. What is my dream job?
  15. What is the one thing that makes me sick on sight?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? (Redo)