How well do you know the New Prophecy?

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Hi, I made another quiz bc i wanted to! Thank you to everyone who liked my last quiz and i am really bored so i might make a few other quizzes after this... WARNING : SPOILERS

Now imma use up some space... hsudfjgbckdjshvcbhjkasgmbdnvbdkuxhjewvabdscgkhxmnvbdskgahdcvxdgyshfvcbnxzewggeydhsvbkuewyhjgfdsvbgkuxehwsfbdgvyeghwjgsdvyuqehjw

Created by: AwesomeMistystar113

  1. Who is Squirrelflight's mentor?
  2. What would be the best description of Brambleclaw?
  3. When did leafkit decide she was going to become a medicine cat?
  4. Who went on the journey???
  5. Why did they need to leave the forest?
  6. Why did Mudclaw lead a rebellion against Onewhisker?
  7. What did midnight (a badger) tell them at the sundrown place?
  8. What is the name of the 4th book?
  9. In what book did Cinderpelt die in?
  10. Who becomes leader after Tallstar dies?
  11. What cat is on the cover of Starlight?
  12. Who's shoulder got infected by rat bites?
  13. How did Feathertail die?
  14. Who does Crowfeather love?
  15. Did you like the Quiz???

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the New Prophecy?