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  • I have 2 thing to say

    1. Question 2 is wrong. Bella and Edward dont have Science together, they have biology...thers a difference

    and 2. In the movie, which is what ur quiz is about, Eric asks Bella to prom first not Mike...I know that in the book Mike asks her first but in the movie Eric asks her first...If you dont believe me go and watch Twilight again, and the day when Edward gets back for the first time, when she's walking through the door of their biology class room, Eric is talking to her and he starts to ask her but then Mike cuts him really he asks her first....

    Blaise Dragomir
  • For #10, Alice and Jasper both arrived at THE SAME TIME. Remember in Jaspers story: Alice picked Jasper up and they arrived at the Cullens house at the same time....

    lol time
  • Books are better then the movie..

    Team Edward because dogs are meant to be pets, not soul mates

  • excuse me,but eric was the first to ask bella to the dance. Mike cut him off when they were walking in the door to bio. but anyway pretty good quiz!

  • YAY^-^ i got a 90% great quiz and i agree with MrsCullen!!

  • i love twilight i just sall the movie last night it was awlsome!!!! edward(aka robert pattinson) is so HOT!!!!! :)

  • ily twilighttt

  • yay 100% im team edward but i like Jacob to xD

    Mrs Edward Cullen

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