How Well Do You Know The Legend of Zelda series?

There are many smart people, but do you have the knowledge of LOZ? Are you a video gaming genius? Genius, in this quiz, means that you have knowledge and experience. Good luck.

Do you have the brain power to get a 100% on this video game quiz? Until now, you can only wonder. But thanks to my great quiz, you're going to find out.

Created by: Video Gamer Girl

  1. What is Link?
  2. Who is the boy: Link or Zelda?
  3. Who tells Link to find all 12 masks?
  4. Who is the one who turned Link into that... tree creature thing?
  5. Who are the two creepypasta who are known to haunt the Legend of Zelda games, Majora's Mask and the Ocarna of Time? ((this one doesn't affect you're answer))
  6. What sign represents the series?
  7. How many days did Link have to find all the masks?
  8. BONUS QUESTION: Who is the sibling of Luigi?
  9. What does the Tri-Force look like?
  10. What console does Majora's Mask play on?
  11. LAST QUESTION: Do you actually know the Legend of Zelda series?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Legend of Zelda series?