How well do you know the Kardashians

This quiz is testing you on your knowledge of the Kardashian and to see if you have enough to be called a dash fan. Everyone is smart but there's are just some that are more than others

Do you think you know everything about the Kardashians? Do you consider yourself a dash fan? Are you sure you know everything of the Kardashians for the heads to their Butts? Then just take this quiz to find out

Created by: scarlet
  1. Who is the oldest Kardashian
  2. Which Kardashian was the one who made them famous
  3. Which channel is keeping up with the Kardashian is on
  4. What is the order from oldest to youngest
  5. What is the name of their father
  6. How many step siblings do the Kardashians have
  7. How many half siblings do they have
  8. Who was Scott with
  9. How many times did Kim Kardashian get married
  10. What is Kim's daughter's name

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Kardashians