How well do you know The Kane Chronicles???

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Do you think you know the Kane CHronicles REALLY WELL? Only experts can pass this test! This test will see whether or not you are a true, true fan of the Kane Chronicles!

Do YOU think you are a TRUE fan of the Kane Chronicles? Take this test to find out if you ARE a TRUE FAN! Will you get 100% or 0%? It all depends on-- wait for it -- YOU!

Created by: Egypt Rocks!

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  1. Who are the main characters???
  2. Is cheese an element in the books??????
  3. Who is your crush in the books??? (will only boost your score... But one will lower it and one will raise it 1 more than the others!!! Ps. The good one is African American!!!)
  4. Who is the god of knowledge, and what animal head does he have???
  5. If you saw the djed amulet and thought that it looked like ___________ and you were correct, ehat would it look like??? (What does DJED represent?)
  6. Who is their dad hosting???
  7. Hi. Before you answer this, I want you to think REALLY HARD! This question will either put you at the top, or make you tumble to the bottom!!! So here it is: Who is the giant snake who fought Bast, and is the master of chaos??? (easy, right?)
  8. Who does Carter host???
  9. WHo does Sadie host?
  10. If you wanted to study the Path of the Gods, would you go to Carter and Sadie, or the House of Life???? (NO BRAINER!) This is the final question-- answer carefully!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Kane Chronicles???