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  • Dude the "no effects" ones have effect! I got 85% before (which yes I know isn't that good) and then since you like Peeta I chose Peeta instead of Katniss to improve my score and my score went down 4. Then I put it back to Katniss and did sure for will you comment instead of ya. I already had the book was awesome of course so I didn't change that but still! Now my score is 96% because I changed my "no effect" answers.

    Katniss Everdeen
  • I. LOVE. THOSE. BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know the Hunger Games 96%!

    Awesome!!!!!! You sure know your Hunger Games!!! Sweet :)So...ya :)

    bt my favorite person in the SERIES OF ALL TIME is RUE!!!! but she dies in the first book.....*sad look* i hate that part of the book

  • I got 100% I think that's because I just finished it and it's still fresh in my mind. :)

  • This is the GREATEST SERIES EVER!!!! My fave character of all time is Gale. Not open for discussion.

  • Awesome :) i got 96% greatest book eva


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