How well do you know the Hunger Games?

Do you know the Hunger Games? Well, if you walk around school acting like you do, than let's find out for sure if you know your stuff!I bet you don't!

Not many people know about the Hunger Games! But I DO! Let's just see if you know more than I do I BET YOU DON'T! Ha Ha Ha. We are about to find out.:)

Created by: hoa
  1. Who nicknamed Katniss "catnip"?
  2. What is Katniss best at?
  3. Who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin in the first book?
  4. What district is Rue from?
  5. How many books are there?
  6. When does the first movie come out?
  7. Who wins the hunger games?
  8. Who is Katniss' stylist?
  9. What is the second book called?
  10. How did Katniss' father die?
  11. Do you like the series?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Hunger Games?