how well do you know the hunger games

hi guys, this is my first quiz and i was really bored so i made it at school (it has to be 150 letters long so in the next paragraph it will be random things)

This quiz will take a few minutes to complete... rainbows are pretty... the sky is blue and greenflys are green... grass is green. trees leaves are green too...

Created by: daisy

  1. who dies first?
  2. how does the district 9 female die?
  3. how does clove kill most of the other tributes?
  4. what was the girl with red hair called?
  5. who was the person that was always drunk?
  6. who did katniss befriend?
  7. how did glimmer die?
  8. who is rues sibling?
  9. why did katniss start vomiting?
  10. which number for the annual hunger games was it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the hunger games