How well do you know the Host?

This was a favorite book of mine. Mrs. Meyers is the Author of the Twilight Saga and the Host. All of her books involve forbidden loves and thrilling adventures.

The Host is a sci-fi book that is a truly amazing read. If you haven't read it log off and go to a library. are you still here.. I meant immediately...

Created by: Animals Rule
  1. What is the souls name?
  2. Why is the soul in love with Ian?
  3. How many planets has the soul lived on?
  4. How many lives has the soul lived at the end of the book?
  5. How many souls live with the rebel humans?
  6. How many souls have a human still in their head?
  7. What is the Seeker's host's name?
  8. Who is Melanie's brother?
  9. Who is the author of the Host?
  10. What are the lines Wanda tells the Seeker?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Host?