How well do you know the Holy Bible?

There are many people who read the Bible. Many say different things about it. Read different parts, understand multiple things. I have put hard questions together. Can you guess em' all? :)

(I'm not going to do this correctly, because I don't want it here.) Many people have to look this up. Hard questions barely anyone knows/remembers. Can you guess em? ;)

Created by: TheBibleHoldsTheTruth
  1. What are the four Gospels?
  2. What are the first and last Books in the Bible?
  3. Is there any sin God will not forgive?
  4. How many real Gods are there?
  5. Should you keep the Sabbath Day Holy?
  6. Who finished leading the Israelites over to the Promised Land after Moses died?
  7. How many Books are there in the Holy Bible?
  8. Shortest sentence in the Holy Bible?
  9. After resting on Mount Ararat for 40 days in the ark, what type of bird did Noah first send out?
  10. Zipporah was married to a famous character in the Bible. Who was he?
  11. A Roman soldier asked Jesus to heal his beloved servant when He arrived in that town. Where did this take place?
  12. Who went without food, and walked, for 40 days and nights?
  13. Hannah was Samuel's mother. Who was she married to?
  14. During a famine, Isaac settled in Gerar at the urging of the Lord. Who posed as his sister?
  15. Who dreamed of a tree that grew all the way to heaven?
  16. Do you think you know the Bible?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Holy Bible?