How Well Do You Know 'The Heroes Of Olympus'?(Part 2)

This is the second part of the Heroes Of Olympus quiz series. It tests your knowledge of the series by Rick Riordan. The quiz is very simple. Try and score your best!

If you have read the first four books, The Lost Hero, The Son Of Neptune, The Mark Of Athena and The House Of Hades well, you will surely score well.Try your best and I hope you get a nice score! All the best!!

Created by: Zia

  1. Which is the only goddess whose Greek and Roman names are not different?
  2. How did Hazel escape the bronze jar guarded by Otis and Ephialtes?
  3. 'The Son Of Neptune' opens with a homeless Percy Jackson on the run. Who is he running from?
  4. Initially, Frank does not believe he possesses a special power. What power of his does he eventually discover?
  5. What are Hazel's power(s)?
  6. What is the sea detector called in the Argo II?
  7. Tyson is Percy's half brother. What is Tyson?
  8. In 'The Mark Of Athena', who does Annabeth face on her quest?
  9. What is the Mark Of Athena?
  10. What is the name of Jason's storm spirit?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know 'The Heroes Of Olympus'?(Part 2)