How well do you know The Hangover?

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A lot of people think that they're fans of a movie. Some might think that they know all about it. This quiz is about the odd but hilarious movie called The Hangover.

Do you think that you could be thought a fan of The Hangover? Do you know it all about this movie? Take this quiz and found out just how much you really know about this movie.

Created by: Alakan

  1. What city was the set filmed in?
  2. What is Stu's job?
  3. What is Phil's job?
  4. Which hotel did the guys stay at?
  5. Which one of the four guys is missing?
  6. What two animals do they find in the apartment?
  7. Why did Stu, Phil, and Alan get arrested?
  8. What did they find in the back of Doug's car?
  9. How did the guys get Doug back?
  10. How did they get the hangover in the first place?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Hangover?