How Well Do You Know The Greek Gods

This quiz is about greek gods and goddesses and it tests your skills on memory and well plain out knowledge. WARNING: there are some trick questions!

Well, if you really know these myths this should be somewhat easy for you. If you dont, please dont bother taking it....we dont want to insult your lack of knowledge about this subject.

Created by: Alice

  1. What is Poseidon's favorite color?
  2. What is Artemis"s symbol?
  3. Who has six unmarried women serving in her temple?
  4. What God is a thief?
  5. What God is the Father of many of the gods
  6. Who is the most jealous one?
  7. Who is the "partyer" god/goddess?
  8. Who's daughter got kidnapped by Hades?
  9. Who started the Trojan War?
  10. Who enjoys killing people?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Greek Gods