greek gods and goddess

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there are lots of stories about the greek gods! but do you know who you are most like? well the gods are just a myth it still would be fun to figure yours out!!

which god are you most like? do you wanna know? how close are you to greek mythology? well take this quiz to figure it out! then tell your friends about it!!!!!

Created by: peanutbutter54

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your opinion on war?
  2. wich would you perfer as a extra power?
  3. which gender would you prefer?
  4. in battles would you want_____?
  5. A. pick your favorite roman name! that has a dicription you prefer as a god.
  6. pick your favorite greek name! choice the one that has a power you would like as a god or goddess
  7. pick a quality that represents you.
  8. who is you favorite god out of these 4?
  9. are you a night owl or a day dreamer?
  10. which are you?
  11. how much power do you think a god or goddess should have?

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