whitch greek god/goddess is who

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My quiz is about which Greek god is who. For example: Hera is The mature goddess of the Family. But did you know that? My quiz lets you know how much you actually know.

How much do you know about the Greek Gods? If you don't know much, this may be able to help you. Take this quiz more than once and see if your knowledge improves as you go along. Have fun and I hope you will get a score you will enjoy.

Created by: lord hades
  1. who is the god of the underworld
  2. who is the goddess of the hunt
  3. who is the god of war
  4. who is the King of the Gods
  5. who is The calm goddess of the Hearth
  6. who is the goddess of Wisdom and Arts
  7. who is The cunning god of the Trade
  8. who is the god of the sea
  9. who is the god of the forge
  10. who is the joyful god of the Wine

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