How well do you know 'The Giver' Novel?

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Have you read The Giver? If not then you should and then take this wonderful quiz on your knowledge. The Giver is best book ever which is also why you should read or reread it.

The giver is a novel by Lois Lowry, it is about a boy who realizes how boring his life is and meets some old man who he falls in love with and tries to escape but fails miserably and dies in the freezing cold and all the people have mental breakdowns at the end because they've had amnesia all this time.

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  1. Who is the protagonist in The Giver?
  2. What job does the protagonist get in The Giver?
  3. How does The Giver end?
  4. Where does the protagonist live?
  5. What does 'elsewhere' refer to in the giver?
  6. What does it mean to be 'released' in The Giver?
  7. What type of genre is The Giver?
  8. 'Sameness' in The Giver means:
  9. What was the first color the protagonist saw in The Giver?
  10. Why did the community decide to remove color from the society?
  11. Who is in charge of the community and society?
  12. Who is the main antagonist in The Giver?
  13. Would you like to live in the community under the principles of sameness, while not having any emotion or much knowledge of life; at the expense of not having to endure pain, suffering, starvation, war and injustice etc? (Please mention your opinion in the comments, the right answer is: I don't know, in case you want it) Thank you for taking this quiz! There is a movie of The Giver if you didn't know that.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 'The Giver' Novel?