How well do you know the emoji movie?

Hello, this is a test to see how much you know about the emoji movie! You can go and watch the movie and it won't be cheating! Make sure you DO NOT look up the answers.

It's okay to not get a perfect score, you don't have to rate or comment. I just hope you like this! This is only to test how well you know the emoji movie. Good luck!

Created by: CheeseballAlien

  1. What is the main character's name?
  2. What can the main character do? (Remember your first answer!)
  3. What is the main character 's friends names?
  4. Which emoji looks like smiler?
  5. Is smiler a wolf in sheep's clothing? (Pretends to be nice but is evil?) (Do first question before this)
  6. Break time!
  7. Break over!
  8. Does gene have a crush?
  9. what are anti virus bots?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the emoji movie?