How well do you know the dragons of HTTYD?

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How to Train Your Dragon is not just a movie; it is an entire series, with two (soon to be three) movies, 79 (soon to be 92) TV episodes, and several other shorts and clips. EDIT: Now there are three movies and 118 TV episodes! (but I don't feel like adding in all the extra dragons, sorry)

So how much do you know about the many dragons in the HTTYD series? Do you have a basic knowledge, or are you a complete dragon geek who knows everything about every dragon? Take this quiz to find out! (This quiz is dedicated to the user Puppetmaster12. I made this for you, SE.)

Created by: Hiccstrid

  1. This dragon sprays acid and can camouflage with its surroundings.
  2. This dragon changes the color of its skin depending on its mood.
  3. This dragon sprays flammable mucus and feeds off other dragons' eggs.
  4. This dragon eats rocks and can produce a special type of metal with the right combination of rocks.
  5. This dragon sprays an amber substance that solidifies around its victims almost instantly.
  6. This dragon can set itself on fire and is known as "the most lethal dragon in the known world."
  7. This dragon can channel lightning from a thunderstorm and shoot it out its mouth.
  8. This dragon can paralyze its victims temporarily with the mist that it sprays out of its mouth.
  9. This dragon can also temporarily paralyze its victims, but with a barb on its tail.
  10. This dragon's saliva, when mixed with herbs, is the cure for the Scourge of Odin.
  11. This dragon can shoot spines out of its tail and has the hottest fire of any dragon.
  12. This dragon shoots plasma blasts and uses a form of echolocation.
  13. This dragon has two heads, one of which breathes flammable gas while the other lights it.
  14. This dragon also has two heads, both of which shoot out electricity.
  15. This dragon is repulsed by sunlight.
  16. This dragon is attracted to sunlight.
  17. This dragon builds its nest out of metal.
  18. This dragon builds a coat of armor out of metal.
  19. This dragon has razor-sharp wings that can slice through full grown trees.
  20. This dragon is known as the Alpha species.
  21. This dragon eats eels and shoots a funnel-shaped flame.
  22. This dragon "burns with the heat of a thousand suns."
  23. This dragon attaches itself to other dragons and releases a toxin that causes them to turn wild.
  24. This dragon can see people's and other dragons' body heat.
  25. This dragon sprays boiling water at its victims.
  26. This dragon has no roar until its coat of armor is complete.
  27. This dragon travels with others of its kind in a large pack, and takes the form of larger dragons to scare away predators.
  28. This dragon can shoot fire out of its tail, mouth, and belly.
  29. This dragon is said to get its ear-splitting roar from Thor himself.
  30. This dragon has a tail with spines more deadly than the sharpest battle-axe.
  31. This dragon is a myth created to keep people away from one of the Dragon Eye lenses.
  32. This dragon lures in its victims with the smell of chocolate.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the dragons of HTTYD?