how well do you know the dolan twins?

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are you a fan of the dolans? the hottest guys on the internet, as well as the sweetest. these questions are only for the true fans! (lol i have to write 150 letters for this)

take my quiz, lets test your knowledge on the boys :) this quiz was super fun to make & i hope you can get 100% (why do i have to write so dang much)

Created by: Ava

  1. lets start off easy.. where were the twins born?
  2. who was born first?
  3. how much older is ethan by?
  4. who flatlined at birth?
  5. what was their first video?
  6. what do they call tissues?
  7. most viewed video?
  8. when did they start their channel?
  9. what is their sisters name?
  10. what was their tour named?
  11. what is ethan’s main fear?
  12. what is graysons main fear?
  13. what is ethan’s favorite pizza topping?
  14. what is graysons favorite pizza topping?
  15. what is their squad name with emma chamberlain & james charles?
  16. what are the twins middle names?
  17. what twin has asthma?
  18. what does graysons first tattoo say?
  19. what does ethan’s first tattoo say?
  20. who has the dangly (tampon) earring? 😂
  21. who used to have the gold, bedazzled iphone?
  22. how long was their 2018 break they took?
  23. who cried on one of their dates?
  24. what tattoo do they both share with their dad?
  25. last one! who throws up when they drinks room temperature water?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the dolan twins?