How well do you know the Denver Broncos

There are many bandwagon fans and very few true fans. Which one are you? Find out if your are just another bandwagon or a true fan of the Denver Broncos.

Are you a true Denver Broncos fan? Do you have the right to be called the perfect fan? Take this quiz and find out if you are just a bandwagon or a true fan.

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  1. What years did they win their superbowls?
  2. Which team drafted their starting qb as of 2012?
  3. Who was the first qb to win a Super Bowl with the broncos?
  4. Which Broncos rb had 7 straight 100+ yard playoff games
  5. Which jersey number did John Elway wear?
  6. What round did they draft Rod Smith?
  7. What round did they draft Shannon Sharpe?
  8. Who wears number 88? (2013)
  9. Which team traded Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis?
  10. Which team did Peyton Manning score 7 touchdowns against in week 1 of 2013?
  11. How many touchdowns did Peyton Manning throw in his 2013 season?
  12. Which team beat the Broncos in Super Bowl 48?
  13. Which division are the Broncos in?
  14. Which are the 3 division rivals the Broncos have?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Denver Broncos