How well do you know The Coconut Song?

Ok, if you don't know what the coconut song is, get outta here!! No point wasting your precious time.... Srsly? Your still here??? Oh fine, go right ahead...

If you know the coconut song, good for you!! If you like it, then we could be twins. O_O Anyway... if you don't like my quiz, who the heck cares!!!!!!

Created by: YoSushi4Eva

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  1. Ko-Ko-Nut-Koooo-Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko-Nut!!! What is next??
  2. How long is the coconut song?
  3. Who was the coconut song made by?
  4. Sing the first line.
  5. Is the coconut a fruit???
  6. Is the coconut a fruit???
  7. What happens when the coconut man cuts the coconut tree???
  8. When was it made???
  9. What does the desc say?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Coconut Song?