How Well Do You Know Text Talk?

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So this quiz is a test to see how well you know text talk. I'm not usually one to do test things but I wanted to do this so ye. I will ask you what something means you need to press the correct answer. Pretty simple.

So yeah enjoy I guess.I don't have an account but I wish I did.8pk;Kihhdsjkheryhali rehgjklkjhi9etrhh trfkhljkhtjreq05rttpgfkfhlaairehgnccb erjfl j;gf. = )

Created by: Silverflame

  1. What does TTYL mean?
  2. What does TBH mean?
  3. What does L8R mean?
  4. What does UR mean
  5. What does Gr8 mean
  6. what does Gr8 2 c u mean?
  7. What does K mean
  8. What does gtg mean
  9. LY means?
  10. IKR?
  11. BRB?
  12. AFAIK
  13. FWIW?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Text Talk?