How well do you know Harry Potter ?

This quiz is to see how muck you know about Harry Potter but you can show to family/ friends if you want to but only do it personally . Read on for the next paragraph .

This is just a test but dont worry if you press the wrong answer because you can just press the one you mean and it will go to that answer which means it will take that as your score .

Created by: Bethy

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  1. Who is the head of hufflepuff ?
  2. How many house points did harry and Ron get after fitighting the troll ?
  3. What house has a eagle on the crest
  4. How did harry and Ron get into slytherin dormitories ?
  5. What animal chased Umbridge that Fred and George made out of fireworks ?
  6. How was this quiz ?
  7. Why did hermiones face turn into a cats in the chamber of secrets ?
  8. (True or false )Professor quirell was a ravenclaw
  9. What was hermiones cat called ?
  10. Who fainted in plants lesson with proffeser sprout in the chamber of secrets ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter ?