How well do you know Taylor Swift lyrics?

This quiz is on the famous and awesome country singer Taylor Swift. It is on her second album "Fearless". You will be asked on her lyrics and PLEASE don't cheat with the songbook that comes with the album.

Do you know her songs well enough to be called master of the lyrics? (I know, that was really cheesy and pathetic) And again I know this comes with a songbook but please don't cheat that just ruins it.

Created by: hc_luver

  1. Which song is this from? "your just so cool, running your hands through your hair"
  2. Fill in the blank from the song "Fifteen"- "forget to look ______ ___ ____"
  3. From the song "Love Story" what was it that was fading?
  4. What are they dimming in "Hey Stephen"?
  5. True or false: She says she was naive in "White Horse"
  6. In which song does it say that "she wears high heels and I wear sneakers"?
  7. How many times is the word breathe quoted in the song "Breathe"? (Only by main vocals, not by background)
  8. In the first line of "Tell me Why" What is the thing she took?
  9. What is the expression that the boy is giving off in "You're not Sorry"?
  10. What is not a thing that she misses in "The way I loved you"?
  11. What does she stare at in "Forever and Always"?
  12. What does she have that's exellent in "The Best Day"?
  13. When will they stand in "Change"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor Swift lyrics?