How Well Do You Know SpongeBob SquarePants

Are you a SpongeBob Genius? Well, find out in this quiz and test your knowledge to the brick of an Albert Einstein discovery! Go on, give it a go and take pride in being a true SpondeBob fan!

This quiz is about discovering your true SpongeBob Knowledge. Are you observant? Can you spot the least obvious and the mind tingling facts of the hit Nickelodeon show. Find out!

Created by: Sal

  1. How many eyelashes does SpongeBob have?
  2. In the episode 'I'm Your Biggest Fan' what is the name of the jellyfish leader?
  3. What colour is SpongeBob's tie?
  4. What state is Sandy Cheeks from?
  5. What is Plankton's actual name?
  6. What is Pearl's occupation?
  7. What is SpongeBob's cousin's name?
  8. Who is Squidward's arch nemesis from high school?
  9. Who taught SpongeBob karate?
  10. In the episode 'Grandma's Kisses' what room did SpongeBob flood whilst crying?
  11. What features is Patrick missing?
  12. In the episode 'Wet Painters' what colour did Mr.Krabs instruct SpongeBob and Patrick to paint his house?
  13. How many times has SpongeBob failed his boating exam?

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