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  • "After reading the Arabian Nights, Sonic falls asleep, only to be awoken by Shahra." you should really check your answers before posting a test. I am a die hard sonic fan and have done research to master the games. You don't know the answers. Like on the shadows past question, you put two answers that could be correct! He couldn't remember his past for a while, but him and maria were also being chased by GUN agents. also, you should update this test. The question of how old he's turning isn't accurate anymore. horrible test. I'm suprised i did so well on it.

  • I have 7 or 8 sonic games and i just checked the answers and i would've gotten higher than 63 if the creator of this quiz put in the right answers. Like a big thing for me is the first question. he didn't turn into a wereWOLF he turned into a wereHOG. Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog, not a wolf, meaning sonic turns into a werehog not werewolf. He isn't called sonic the werewolf. He's called sonic the WEREHOG. sorry about the small rant but that bugs me.

  • LOL i got a 52% and i know anything about SONIC not his videogames. I have sonic unleashed, sonic heros, sonic rush, and many others. I DONT USE GOOGLE but great quiz

  • i own only 2 sonic games and i didnt look on google AND i made a 56 thats just weird and the games i own are sonic unleashed and sonic heroes which ive never finised because everytime i fight the bos with any team it freezes

  • I'm confused? I thought sonic's brother was shadow. Isn't it?

  • I dont like Sonic But I Know Too Much!

  • i made a 96 (so happy) wow i must know alot about the blue dude with a tude!SONIC ROCKS!!!


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