How well do you know smosh?

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There are many smoshers, many people who love ian and Anthony for their videos. Smosh is all about humour, comedy, and the art of laughter. Smosh wouldn't of started without their viewers.

Are you a smosher? Do you have the knowledge to become one of smosh's biggest fans? Well luckily for you this quiz was made to keep you happy and entertained without watching the one and only smosh!

Created by: Sky

  1. In evil fortune cookie, what does Anthony say is his middle name?
  2. What is ian's second name?
  3. What is anthony's second name?
  4. What is the name of ian's pet Guinea pig?
  5. In apple watch sucks, what is the age that Anthony says he is OK at dying at?
  6. Has Anthony done a draw my life?
  7. When did the duo start food battle?
  8. In parents suck, what film does ian's parents not let him watch?
  9. What if blank were real have they not done?
  10. In I have Kirby powers, what power does Anthony get?
  11. Who is not a member of the smosh cast?
  12. In real voodoo doll, what doll does ian want to exchange his for?
  13. In taylor swift dumped me, what is Anthony accused of drawing his abs on with?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know smosh?