How Well Do You Know SLM?

You've watched the show, hummed the themesong, and dreamed of swimming with the mermaids. But how well do you really know "Secret Life of a Mermaid"? Take this quiz and put your SLM knowledge to the test.

Are YOU an SLM fanatic? Do you know "Secret Life of a Mermaid" like the back of your hand? Well, put your fan status to the test and take this quiz to find out how well you know SLM.

Created by: teenie989

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  1. How old was Amy when she first became a mermaid?
  2. How did the girls become mermaid?
  3. What color was Brenna's first tail?
  4. Who was friends with Amy first?
  5. Who is Amy's brother?
  6. What fruit did Amy's Aunt offer in episode 2 Heat Wave?
  7. When did Kelsey discover Amy was a mermaid?
  8. What made Brenna go into an uncontrollable rage for the first time?
  9. What is the name of the detective who investigated Blaire's disappearance?
  10. Why did Amy's tail change from blue to dark blue?
  11. What color wig does the news anchor Aqua Bubbles wear?
  12. What did Amy resort to hanging out with when she was home alone for two consecutive weekends?
  13. What was the first themesong?
  14. What is the name of Blaire's mom?
  15. What did Amy dress up as for the Halloween episode?
  16. How did Tess find out Amy was a mermaid?
  17. Where did the girls end up finding Amy's cousin Andy?
  18. How did Brenna become a mermaid?
  19. What color is Terra's necklace?
  20. What caused Amy and Kelsey to hallucinate when they were on the island?
  21. How did Kelsey become a mermaid?
  22. What is Brenna's sidekicks name?
  23. Why did Amy's parents ship Tess off to boarding school?
  24. How many mermaids can there be in a century?
  25. What do Amy, Brenna, Kelsey and Terra make up?
  26. BONUS QUESTION: What is Blaire's dad's occupation?

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