how well do you know skulduggery pleasnt

This quiz may contain spoilers from books 1 through 6 so if you haven't read them unless you might want to be particularly careful. But it shouldnt contain to many.

How much do you know about skulduggery find out in this quiz also look out for my other quizes. What skulduggery character would you be, and what skulduggery power would you choose.

Created by: lol
  1. Who is stephanie edgly?
  2. Who is skulduggery pleasnt?
  3. Who is ghastly?
  4. Who is tanith?
  5. Who is scapegrace?
  6. What or who is an adept?
  7. Which one of these titles is not a skulduggery book?
  8. What is the odd one out?
  9. What is the 6th book called?
  10. (This has no effect)bye
  11. (This has no effect)bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know skulduggery pleasnt