How Well do YOU know Sketch?

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This Quiz is a test and shows how much you do or don't know Sk3tchYT. If you fail..... i don't know, if you fail you should find out more about SketchYT! Good Luck!

This quiz was made in January 2 2018. So this is the latest of SketchYT and the latest of the facts. Maybe even go subscribe to him but other than that enjoy the quiz

Created by: Wendy
  1. What is Sketch's FULL name?
  2. How many siblings does Sketch have and what are their names?
  3. How many subscribers does Sketch have? (2019)
  4. How old is Sketch? (2019)
  5. What is his favorite food?
  6. Who is Sketch's NEW pet?
  7. Where did Sketch get the name "Sketch" from?
  8. What is Sketch's worst fear?
  9. IF YOU REALLY KNOW SKETCH YOU CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION..... What did Sketch do when his microphone broke?
  10. What is Sketch's first vid called?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Sketch?