How well do you know Sidney Crosby?

Many people love hockey, who can blame them its a great sport...many people love sidney crosby, who can blame them have you seen him? are you one of those people? Take this quiz to see if you can really call yorsel a true sid fan!

Sidney crosby is probably the best hockey player since mario lemeuix! He can score and cary at team to the play offs!! He has allready broken many NHL records and is rockin!! For all you haters get over it!! he is amazing and you know it!!

Created by: Emma
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What age did he start playing at?
  2. What age was he featured on Hockey Night in Canada?
  3. Who does Sid live with?
  4. What was Sids gpa in highschool?
  5. What possition did his dad play?
  6. Where was he born?
  7. What possition does he play??
  8. How tall is Sid
  9. How much does Sid weigh
  10. Where is he from?
  11. What kind of car does he drive?
  12. What is he ofter accused of?
  13. When is hiis birthday?
  14. What does he allways wear?
  15. What is his sisters name?
  16. What is his nickname
  17. What does he shoot?
  18. What are his parents names?
  19. What is his least favorite movie?
  20. What bone did he break
  21. Last many points did he score this year?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sidney Crosby?