how well do you know Shawn Mendes

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Do you like Shawn Mendes? Do you really know him? How well do you know him? Answer these question to know if you know sufficient information of him :) :)

Do you think the knowledge defines if you are a real fan? I don't but people judge if you don't know your idiol correctly so here are some basic questions and if you don't know them well you better study

Created by: Natalia

  1. What is his complete name?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. Where did he born?
  4. What is the name of his first album?
  5. What food he hates?
  6. What food he loves?
  7. He was in tour with... (2015)
  8. He started his career doing...
  9. What's the name of his girlfriend? (2014-2015)
  10. How much do you love him?
  11. And, what is his hand sign? (I mean the position of his hand on the photos)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shawn Mendes