How well do you know shawn mendes?

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Hey.. This is an amazing fun quiz that you don't have to get upset about after you finish it and get your result... Even if it's low that doesn't mean much all it means is that you need to learn a little more on this person ;)

How well do you know Shawn Mendes? Huh ... Well, many people say that they love and know a lot about Shawn ... But they never say why or if someone asks them if it's because of his looks they say no but you never know the truth... If they are lying or not! So here is a test to see if u are a true Shawn Mendes fan ;)

Created by: Shawnmendesisbae

  1. When was Shawn Mendes born?
  2. What is Shawn allergic to ?
  3. How many languages does Shawn speak?
  4. He is half-?
  5. What are his favorite foods? ... There are two of them - the other will be the next question
  6. What is the second favorite food?
  7. Who does Shawn want to collaborate with?
  8. What song did he first cover/sing on vine?
  9. What color are his eyes?
  10. Do you have Shawn Mendes s Cd and Handwritten Cd ?
  11. Do you know the lyrics to Kid In Love and Imagination?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know shawn mendes?