How Well do you Know Roblox?

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Do you play Roblox and just ever think, “I want to take a Roblox quiz”? Then this quiz is just for you! With questions about Roblox Studio, Tix, Guests, and much more, this quiz covers everything about Roblox!

This 15 question quiz is divided into three sections: Roblox Today, Roblox History, and True or False, and each section has 5 questions. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

  1. The first section of the quiz is about Roblox today. The first question is, what is the currency of Roblox? (2024)
  2. It is estimated that over how many games are on Roblox?
  3. What is the minimum amount of characters you can have in your display name?
  4. On Roblox, what is the maximum amount of friends you can have?
  5. How many groups can a player be in?
  6. Moving onto the next section: Roblox History. What year did Roblox publicly launch?
  7. What was Roblox’s old currency? (2007-2016)
  8. What was Roblox’s first game?
  9. Which was the first game to reach one billion visits?
  10. What year did Roblox release Rthro packages?
  11. And the last section, True or False. True or false: DynaBlocks was Roblox’s name when it was in the beta stage.
  12. True or false: Roblox is Xbox compatible.
  13. True or false: Roblox’s programming language is JavaScript.
  14. True or false: You can put a hyphen ( - ) in your username.
  15. Last question in the quiz! True or false: Guests were removed on Roblox in 2016.

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